The mission of the Bulgarian Information Consortium is to provide the best information resources at the best possible price to the Bulgarian users, applying high professional selection criteria and offering the best services.


  • To support and encourage the use of information resources in Bulgaria;
  • To meet the information needs of the Association’s members and their users;
  • To negotiate preferential financial terms for the use of information resources for all Association’s members;
  • To encourage further development of information services provision through training, additional qualification, public relations and other appropriate means and methods;
  • To foster the co-operation, resource sharing and exchange of experience between the members of the Association.

The Association achieves its goals through

  • Popularizing and distributing information resources by marketing analyses, training and fund raising policy;
  • Establishing and keeping productive contacts with vendors, publishers and corresponding organizations in the country and abroad; Negotiating preferential financial terms and conditions for its members;
  • Organizing promotional sessions for introducing public to the electronic databases and their functionality;
  • Keeping its members informed about the latest trends in the digital information dissemination;
  • Offering wide range of activities to support the collaboration between the members of the Association and improvement of the offered services and information package.


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